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Who are the real Heroes? Donald E Wallace April 10, 2021

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Who is your hero in life?  The media influences our rational thinking and splinters our thoughts when it comes to heroes.  In America we recognize heroes, are those that are recognized as heroes really heroes?   Heroes are not found in comic books or superheroes with a big ‘S’ on their chest, nor are they in the NBA, NFL, NASCAR, ARL, MLB, or Socker.  The real heroes in life are the Police officers that show up to protect you, the men and women that are soldiers, the first responders and fire fighters that show up to rescue you from an accident or burning building.  Government could be a hero, if they govern wisely without severe intrusion, but that is no longer the case in America.  Our parents are our frontline hero, as they are the immediate focal point in front of us each day.  The are to lead and teach us the facts of life, integrity, honor, respect, and brotherly love for each other.  Your schoolteacher can be a hero, as they bring knowledge and wisdom, thus reinforcing common values given to you by your parents.  Heroes come from the medical profession.  As you can see heroes come from many sources.  A hero is someone that you admire, respect, and look to for wisdom.  Sometimes we call this person a mentor.  A mentor is a go to person, that you can confide in, a person you trust, that has a “in depth” knowledge and understanding of a subject, profession, or they calm you when life challenges overwhelm you.  Heroes are not found in a beer bottle, glass of whiskey, smoking a dobie, popping drugs or a needle injection.  Life is challenging and the challenges are opportunities to gain understanding and find wisdom.

As children grow, they fantasize, their imagination runs wild, they are foolish, and they do foolish things.  Often times our children, as well, as yourself, learn from the school of hard knocks.  Parenting is a fulltime job, it is not an 8 to 5 job, it is a 24-hour 365-day job.  Our children are our future leaders and heroes of tomorrow.

We, as a nation must never, erase history, as history reflects true heroic events and the individual heroes.  History is a road map to improve our future, it shows our achievements and our weaknesses.  It brings wisdom to the table, giving us the knowledge to attempt to avoid repeating the same mistakes over and over again.  We need to look at history as a building block of great wisdom, as it presents new and challenging opportunities.  We must explore those opportunities, thus bringing light to spiritual darkness.  We must remain focused and when problems arise, we must step up to the challenge as the challenges are opportunities to learn and bring real meaning granting wisdom to our future generations.  We need to look to the future staying focused on what the Founding Fathers of America sacrificed, their troves, treasures, fortunes, and lives so that we would live free.  We need to gain wisdom to improve our life, liberties, freedom, thus rewarding and enabling future generations to expand the pursuit of happiness and dreams.

Who is the real hero for all?  He has risen, his blood was spilled for you and me. When we recognize Him as our Hero our life will change.  His name is Jesus.  Jesus is our hero, as He is our leader, our conscience is our guide through out life. He is the great healer.  He protects us from the storms of life, as he carries us when we can no longer walk the path.  (Matthew 19:26- “Jesus looked at them and said, “With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.”)

America needs to go forth seeking to “Rekindle America Spirit” and bring forth a  great Revival, and not a revolutionary war.  America’s political leadership is pushing this nation in the direction of the Agnostics, anti-Christ movement.  Greatness is in our Faith as In God We Trust!  God’s Blessing will come when we the people turn from our wicked ways and stop the aggression of accepting “Good as Evil and Evil as Good”.   The future is in Your Hands, a Spiritual Revolution is needed not a Civil War, as all are equal in the eyes of our Creator.  Man, creates segregation, not God.