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America to blame for Islamic Attacks????

I agree that to solve this problem requires a global effort…but to say that the citizens of America contributed to any of these attacks is absurd.     Obama may be the contributor,but the citizens are not.  These are innocent people and it is time to denounce Islamic Radicals …….and only the Muslim population are in the position to be effective in doing so.  Don Wallace  Two Joes on the Street.


EPA- New CO2 Standads will kill our weak recovering economy

EPA published its “Clean Power Plan” in the Federal Register on Friday, setting off 60 days of official public comment and challenges.  More than two dozen states are filing suit in the district U.S. Court of Appeals.  Many of the governors in various state have expressed their individual concerns about the economic impact this mandate will have on their states economy.  Be low is a video of Obama expressing his thoughts and concerns about Global WARMING .  By the way Global Warming is not valid.

Obama is attempting to destroy our economy, putting thousands out of work at a time that will cripple America.  His attack on the coal industry is not justifies.  You can read more on http://www.usapublicnews.com

President Obama ( Aug 3, 2015):