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January 19, 2018E.Wallace

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The Obama administration pushed the “Dream Act” on America.  The rapid increase in accepting children into America without parents was a violation of Immigration laws and policy.  President Obama sign an executive order which promoted the influx of illegals entering our country.  Approximately 800,000 are protect under the executive order.  President Trump has set a deadline of March 5, 2018 for Congress to act on DACA.  President Trump says he will not extend the deadline.  This is one of the major issues with our Immigration Policies.  Adding insult to the situation are the state such as New York and California passing laws declaring their states to be Sanctuary States, thus thumbing their nose in the facc of America and its constitution. This needs to be resolved quickly.  Before a definitive plan to resolve the DACA problem is put into action “We the People” need to have a definitive plan to secure our borders, coastal ports, and shores.   Then we can begin to draft and pass a comprehensive Immigration Bill. Immigration must be closed to all countries until we resolve these issues, which includes addressing the Homeless in America.

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In 2016 fiscal year America spent over a $545 million on the “Refugee Assistance Program”.  In addition to this a planned expenditure of $1.6 bililon for “Refugee Resettlement” by the HHS.  These funds cannot be totally eliminated, but if we do a better jo securing the border and develop a comprehensive Immigration plan those expenses would be significantly reduced.  When unaccompanied children cross illegally our government retain them for 72 hours ICE and then they are turned over to the HHS to find relatives in the United States or placement into the foster care system.  The dollars spent here restricts our abilities to deal with our on going homeless problems.  The refugee children are place above our own citizens.  This a major problem that needs to be addressed.

Four years ago, I was appalled to learn about “Throwaway Children”.  This is a growing problem in America.  The National Center on Family claims 2.5 million children are Homeless (1 in 30).  These are children that run away because of abuse, dysfunctional home, parents shirking responsibility, divorce, missing parent, run away from foster care, or a child that is turning 18 and the foster care provider throws them out because they are no longer receiving pay for the child.  This needs our immediate attention on finding a real solution to reduce the number and provide a stable environment conducive for these children to be safe and attend school.  Then we have homeless Veterans that have medical issues with PTSD, and returning with no jobs and no place to live.  They live in shelters, in their cars and on the streets.  This is terrible.  These are the people that fought to keep America safe and free.  According to governmental sources there are approximately 40,000 homeless veterans.  This is totally unacceptable.  The other homeless folks are approaching 700,000.  These people may have been unemployed for long periods and have no unemployment available.  They could be addicted to alcohol or drugs.  These are tremendous problems that need attention prior to importing more people.  Furthermore, reflecting on some of these problems and why they have occurred or why they continue occurring stems from NAFTA and out sourcing of jobs.  Over regulations, high corporate and business taxes play a part in sustaining this problem. Vocational education appears to be returning, but until we have a solid growth in those training programs we as a nation will experience issues.  We will be faced with acquiring workforces from other countries.

We must secure our country and pass a comprehensive fair Immigration plan and work release programs and a better way to monitor VISAs.  We cannot continue to allow chain or lottery Immigration.  We must deal with the illegal population by offering a way to citizenship.  We must build the border wall.  We must require those here illegally to apply and take the citizenship test.  Absolutely no amnesty. We must declare English as the official language in America and demand that all immigrants learn the language.  We must put Americans first prior to opening the Immigration system.  We, as a nation must monitor and complete extensive background checks as part of the Immigration policy.

Securing America and putting American’s first must be job one!  We must enforce the law that President Reagan signed fining businesses that hire illegals.  Moving America forward in 2018 is required to sustain grow and prosperity.

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Editorial Comment 

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A new year bring optimism and hope with the tax cut and jobs possibly returning to the U.S. or is this a hoax.  Recently I found out that businesses are still continuing to move jobs across the pond to China for cheap labor.  I hope there are shark teeth in the tax bill that will substantially fine these companies as this is taking food from our mouths and crushing our economy.  The liberal progress globalization is destroying our economy!  The Democrats and the RINOS still bucking true conservatives every inch of the way forward.  The swamp drains an inch and two inches return.  An election is coming and it is time to mount a forward charge to eliminate as many of the progressive liberals as possible.  You’ll notice I mentioned NO party name because they are infiltrated in both parties.

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“Property is the fruit of labor…property is desirable…is a positive good in the world. That some should be rich shows that others may become rich, and hence is just encouragement to industry and enterprise. Let not him who is houseless pull down the house of another; but let him labor diligently and build one for himself, thus by example assuring that his own shall be safe from violence when built.” Abraham Lincoln March 21, 1864